Cattle Operations

If you have a cattle operation and haven’t been using any kind of video surveillance system, I can almost bet that on more than one occasion you have had some sleepless nights.  I imagine nights of waiting and wondering if a cow is ready to calve.  There are nights of walking out in the cold weather to a barn full of cows that get more restless every time the barn door opens.  I understand.  I understand the frustrations of calving season.  I understand the sense of pride and accomplishment when you get to a struggling cow in enough time to save a calf.  We can help.

Dakota Surveillance has custom camera systems for any cattle operation.  I will help you select specific cameras and applications that tailor precisely to how you want to manage your herd.  I understand that not every camera works the same in every location.  From cameras that can zoom in and read the ear tag, to cameras that will watch over large areas while you are doing chores, I will work with you to find the right choice for you.   With features such as remote viewing, and video playback, you will be checking your cattle from the comfort of your home or even your phone.  Dakota Surveillance offers quality products that are built to last against the rugged operating condition on a farm. 

How could your cattle operation benefit with Dakota Surveillance?  Let me show you.  The quote is free.